VTX 1800 Accessory Power Lead

Posted by Bare | Last Updated September 23, 2013

This is a walk-through for finding and using the accessory power lead on the VTX 1800. This lead does not exist on the VTX 1300 or 05+ VTX 1800 R, S, and T models. This is a switched 12 volt power source, which means that it goes on and off with the key on the bike. When you turn the key on, this wire (and any accessory you attach to it) gets power. When you turn the key off, it loses power. This wire comes straight from the battery and is fused with a 30A fuse, but it also runs most of the electronics on the bike (after the key) so don’t put accessories on this lead that pull a lot of power or else you’ll start blowing fuses. I recommend using it for less than 10 amps of continuous draw but I have used it for as much as 20 amps of brief momentary draw (like an air horn). This wire can also be used for triggering a relay to run larger accessories. As with all mods, you do this at your own risk.

I want to thank Todd from the VTXOA who helped push me to finally finish this write-up.

Required Tools/Materials

  • Tools to remove your seat
  • Assorted electrical tools, wire, connectors, etc – this will vary depending on the accessory you are adding

Read this entire process in advance so you know what you’re dealing with – if you understand this process and know what accessory you want to add in advance you can plan for the proper materials to make your connections. This helps prevent multiple trips to the auto store for wire or connectors you may not have laying around the garage.

Remove the seat from the bike. With the seat off, find the black cover shown in the picture below and slide it back to find the wire harnesses inside:

Ignore the fact that I have the ECU unplugged in the picture above dig through that wire bundle until you find this plug:

If you look at the plug you will see that one side (left side in this pic) has 4 wires coming into it and the other side (right side in this pic) only has 3 wires coming into it. This is where you’re going to get your power.

Separate the plug:

You can now see the plug on the left has 4 connectors to coincide with its 4 wires and the right plug has 3 connectors for its 3 wires. In the pic you can actually see the empty spot where there is no plug on the right. If you can find a good “spade” type connector like the OEM ones, you can actually put it into the stock plug and it will look like the bike came from the factory this way. You can sometimes find these plugs at an auto store, but sometimes you may have to dig a little further. Some dealerships will have a few laying in the shop, and you might be able to coax them out of one, or you can buy them on the web. I’ve got some part numbers listed on my Handy Tools page or you can try Googling them. If all else fails, you can just remove the other end from the plug and work with what you have.

That’s it – you’re done – congratulations!

So that’s it. Now you know where there is a switched power source on your bike and how to hook into it. Now you just need to find an accessory you want to use and wire it up. I find that little details like this help the bike look nicer, rather than tying a wire directly to the battery – plus since this is a switched power source you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn the accessory off when you turn the bike off. This means no waking up to a dead battery and that is always a good thing.

5 Responses to “VTX 1800 Accessory Power Lead”

  1. Beastie says:

    Actually, my 2005 1800R has the switched accessory lead as shown. I have it wired up to a terminal strip under the left side cover.

  2. Tom Westendorf says:

    Is the accessory source as described above powered on when the key is turned on or when the engine is running only. I would like the have the accessories turn on only after the engine is running.

    • Bare says:

      3rd sentence in:

      “This is a switched 12 volt power source, which means that it goes on and off with the key on the bike. When you turn the key on, this wire (and any accessory you attach to it) gets power. When you turn the key off, it loses power.”

      There is no way to make stuff turn on strictly after the motor is running, but there are some other options. Join the forum and ask there if you want more guidance.

  3. Symon Sez says:

    My 2005 1800N has this connection and I used it to activate my Fuzeblock .. thanks for the tip .. very helpful and looks professional.

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