Valve Adjustment (VTX 1300)

Posted by Bare | Last Updated February 3, 2011

While my regular valve write-up is still “under construction” I have this video guide available until I finish the regular text/pictures version.

Video courtesy of Big Bad

5 Responses to “Valve Adjustment (VTX 1300)”

  1. Frank says:

    What a great video. You guys give me the confadence I know I have.
    Great website,
    Thanks, Frank

  2. Don says:

    just used the information from the video to adjust my own valves . made the job very easy. Couldn’t have done it without the information.

    Thanks, Don

  3. Bob says:

    Hey Bare,
    Great video. Did ya ever finish the written/pic version?

  4. Josh says:

    I wish there was a bit more talk about actually adjusting the valves. I’ve attempted that job once on a different bike before. It had a slew of problems and it is actually covered up with a tarp somewhere, but I digress. When I did the job, I wasn’t sure how snug I should expect the gauges to be against the adjustment screw. I’m certain I screwed it up and left the clearences way too tight. It was nerve racking and counter productive. But I still would do it again if I had just a bit more of a feel for it.

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