Alternate Exhaust Gaskets (VTX)

Posted by Bare | Last Updated April 5, 2015

Ever get tired of having to buy Honda OEM exhaust gaskets and paying premium prices for them?

Try some of these aftermarket replacements:

  • Midas – #521817 (old# EN1837)
  • NAPA / Victor – F12329 or F 7283
  • Felpro – 60569
  • Walker – 31320
  • Maremont – G184
  • Marwill – G647B
  • Imco – 124647
  • NEA – EX935
  • ROL-Tech – EG24647
       Edit: This is a very old list now compared to when I first compiled it over a decade ago. Some tell me the numbers are still good, some tell me they are worthless. I would strongly advise calling around before running all over town with this list, and I would also recommend reading the comments below as people are sharing their experiences with the numbers there. I have updated this list a few times since I originally compiled it, but without firsthand experience testing the gaskets it is hard to know right from wrong. My local NAPA still gets me the NAPA/Victor number above while some people say the number is no good – so who knows?! I’ll update this list anytime I find reliable numbers, but otherwise I wish you the best of luck and can only provide what I know. If you find gaskets that work that aren’t listed here, please email me or comment below.


10 Responses to “Alternate Exhaust Gaskets (VTX)”

  1. oldxtreme says:

    Yesterday I tried to get a replacement for my OEM exhaust gasket for the 1800 and found that the Walker 31396 was much larger than the OEM and would not fit into the exhaust port without sanding it down. It had fiber extending around the crush ring.

    I passed on it and tried the Felpro 60569. It is smaller than the OEM and will sit off-center when placed in the port hole.

    Are any of the other referenced gaskets an exact match for the OEM gasket which is 2.05″ in diameter?

    • Bare says:

      I appreciate this feedback as I have not tested all the gaskets above personally. I was given this same list from several different people so I trusted it’s accuracy, apparently this was wrong. I can personally vouch for the Midas (if you can find them) and the NAPA (Victor) though I have not purchased either in a few years. The NAPA were so cheap the last time I found them (less than $1/per) that I bought a LOT and haven’t had to buy more since.
      Best of luck and please let me know if you find additional information.

  2. Jim says:

    Thanks Bare for this site! I just changed my pipes and went on a wild search for gaskets.

    I found that Napa didn’t have the Napa/Victor gaskets but cross-referenced the Fel-Pro ones. They didn’t have them in stock and wanted me to pay shipping so I went looking elsewhere (they were $3.99 each.)

    AutoZone carries the Fel-Pro but didn’t have them in the store. They could get them in a few days, but I wanted them now (BTW, they were $2.99 each.)

    I called Midas with the P/N listed above and they told me they didn’t carry them; the guy told me that they now use Walker P/N 31320 as the replacement. Notice the different P/N. This may be why the ones Oldxtreme picked up were too big.

    I finally found O’Reilly’s carried the ROL EG24647, which was what they told me were the cross-reference from the Fel-Pro part number. They were $3.99 each and worked great for me on my 2003 1800C.

  3. Jason says:

    fyi the Walker p/n 31320 does NOT fit

  4. Josh/usmc4295 says:

    As it stands today The O’Reilly ROL EG24647 can only be factory ordered which adds a substantial UPS shipping charge to the $4 gasket. The NAPA / Victor – F12329 or F 7283 will pull up through auto zone’s computer but is not available,NAPA part only. Went to NAPA,the F 7283 is a discontinued number and redirects to the FelPro 60569. The Victor F12329 does not even show in the NAPA computer as a working part number. I hope this helps others in their quest for exhaust gaskets as mine continues.

  5. lance says:

    Are these for the 1300 as well?

  6. Dennis says:

    Found ROL is available at some O Riley stores in southern CA so call ahead

  7. John says:

    These numbers are wrong. the fel pro 60569 is wrong. the walker 31320 and 31396 are also wrong. In fact there not even close. Don’t waste your time trying these numbers. The NAPA f12329 isn’t even a good NAPA number so cant verify that one. HTH

  8. Bigdartmike says:

    Local dealer did not have crush gaskets, told me they could order them at $8 a pop, no thanks. After viewing this list and traveling to parts stores to verify fitment ( I had one oem gasket for reference), I found many were not even close. The ROL (Nickson) EG24647 was a direct match! I purchased them at O’Reilly for $2.99 and no issues.

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