Taking some time…

Well after a busy couple of years without a vacation I was offered an opportunity to take a great trip with great friends. I reluctantly agreed (it’s always so hard to get away from work!) but as expected I was glad that I did. A week spent riding and hanging out with friends in the Smoky Mountains sure helps clear your head.

Broch (big bad), Travis, John (coltergeist), me, Sean (Tassy5), and Kurt (Sumo-X)

You can see the rest of the pics here.

Fun was had by all despite exploding batteries, broken radios, road construction delays, separated tires, worn out shoes, full moons, pesky mailboxes, sharts (yes, sharts), and more finger pointing than should be allowed by law…

Unfortunately Killboy was too busy shooting great pictures of everyone else to get one of me, lol…

A HUGE thanks to Larry who let us use his cabin in Highlands, North Carolina free of charge. The accommodations were first rate (a giant 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom cabin on a river) and the roads were incredible. The road down the mountain from the cabin was every bit as curvy as the Tail of the Dragon and went down past 3 waterfalls – a great way to start and end each day.

Pics of the new project
bike (Candy) are coming soon!

Some of you may have already seen the bike in last months Tucker Rocky newsletter!

3 Responses to “Taking some time…”

  1. Todd G. says:

    Just curious about the Killboy.com picture of the Orange bike. Doesn’t look like a VTX, is it? More interested in the exhaust though. Anyone know anything about it?

  2. oldmagpie1956 says:

    The Orange bike is a Suzuki Boulivarde M109R.

  3. David Young says:

    Just want to tell you that the knowledge you and Chet and the rest of your staff share with us is absolutely invaluable. Us VTXer’s so appreciate ya’lls unselfish willingness to share so much detailed info on how-to’s and mods. I could not have gotten thru the mods. on my ’02 VTX 1800C without your site. Love the project bikes and keep up the good work. I live less than an hour from Blue Ridge in N.C. so the next time you come here let me know, I would love to meet and ride with you guys. It would be an honor my friend, ride safe and keep it between the lines !!!

    Thanks so much,

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