Well I hated to do it…

The title says it all, I hated to do it… BUT, I finally broke down and added advertising to the site. I’ve really enjoyed providing the site ad-free for years while everything else on the web continued to get more and more commercial, but site-hosting expenses add up and the $20 or so that gets donated every year (yes, I said YEAR) just don’t cover costs. I’m still ignoring the urge from more “business-minded” friends to make the site completely pay-for-access. Charging people for information was never my intent when I started the site and I don’t plan on going down that road now.

So my apologies for the distraction of the ads, I think I kept them fairly small and relatively inconspicuous – unlike some sites I visit where it’s hard to separate ads from content. But hey, if you feel like helping out – when you visit the site click on a link, any link, it’ll help pay site costs. 😉

5 Responses to “Well I hated to do it…”

  1. VTX Rich says:

    I can sympathize with the costs – and have never been one to donate funds just for the sake of doing it. Call me a cheap-ass if you want. That said, I just stumbled on your site this weekend when researching some stuff for my VTX 1800 (btw, nice work Chet – I can’t wait to borrow some of your ideas) — and one of the first things I thought off was, “I wonder if they sell t-shirts with that logo?”

    I couldn’t find any.

    But, now that I see this posting – I’m thinking that you could probably sell a pile of T-shirts and hats, mark them up a fair bit, pocket the cash for “website operating costs” and then get rid of the ads again.

    If you decide to sell hats/shirts – let me know. I’ll buy a couple.

    Keep up the great work — I LOVE the detailed documentation!


  2. greg johnson says:

    I have no problem with you adding some advertising to cover your costs. Your site has helped me with so many things on my 1800. if I have to look at a few ads in order to be able to work on my own bike; so be it. keep up the good work.

  3. mike says:

    keep up the goood work your site has been exstremly helpful!!!!!!!

  4. sy says:

    dont charge I been a bit out of work of late with a few health issues and your site has allowed me to keep bike going , so you know what this means big THANKS ps no this dont pay bills but when better will help more

  5. Bigg says:

    Thanks appreciate your insight 👍, understood no worries or problem honestly

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