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Posted by Bare | Last Updated March 19, 2015

This is a “plug and play” replacement for the factory flasher module on the VTX (and many other bikes too) and eliminates all the hassle of using or installing load equalizers. If you’re going to spend the money to buy 2 load equalizers (front and rear LED lights both need one) rather than making your own (my load EQ write-up has instructions) you can buy the replacement unit from Custom Dynamics for ~$25 and save some time. It’s an excellent solution because it’s plug and play, no wiring experience is necessary, and it eliminates the load equalizers altogether. This replacement flasher can handle up to a 10 Amp load so you can use it with almost any kind of light on the market. Not to say that you’d need it with halogens or other incandescent bulbs but it will work with any combination of LED’s and other lights.

It would be a good idea to scroll through this article and be absolutely certain that this unit and plug will work with your bike. You can do this by checking your flasher (see pics below). I know that it will work on:

  • All VTX 1300 models through 2009
  • All 02-03 VTX 1800 models
  • All 04 VTX 1800 models except the “N” model
  • All motorcycles with a basic 2 or 3 pin flasher.

It will NOT work on bikes with a 5 or 9 pin flasher:

  • A select few 04-05 VTX 1800 models
  • 06+ VTX 1800 models
  • Certain Yamaha and Kawasaki cruisers

While I believe this information to be accurate you should always double check your bike before ordering anything like this. I can’t accurately comment on the stock flasher location for every bike, but I do know that most metric bikes have this simple 3 pin flasher setup so it’s worth looking into.

This project affects parts of the electrical system on your bike so if you decide to undertake this task, you should be aware that this project could result in damage to your bike’s electrical system if done improperly. Any similar work performed on your vehicle is done at your own risk. With that said, this is nothing more than unplugging one unit and plugging in another.

Required tools/Materials

Remove your right side cover and find the stock flasher:

Unplug the stock flasher at the connector. You won’t need it afterwards, so do whatever you want with it. You will see that when you remove the stock flasher you can easily plug this new unit in its place. Secure the unit with some zip-ties and put your side cover back on.

That’s it – you’re done – congratulations!

Have you ever seen an easier mod!?
There are several bonuses to using a unit like this instead of load EQ’s. The most obvious is that you can use LED lights without load EQ’s and they flash properly. Keep in mind that by removing the stock incandescent lights and load EQ’s from the bike you are freeing up roughly 42 Watts of power that can be used to add other accessories to the bike. When you consider that this bike only puts out 400 Watts of power at peak RPM’s this is a considerable gain. The unit is easy to install so anyone can do it and it costs less than 2 load equalizers so you’re saving some bucks. All this makes it a pretty sweet deal in my opinion.

If you’re looking for a flasher that has more options for things like accent LED’s or strobes, then take a look at the other flashers available from Custom Dynamics, they’re all on the same webpage.

8 Responses to “Replacement Flasher”

  1. Jeff says:

    I just installed this flasher on my 2004 Honda VTX 1300 S Retro with Custom Dynamics Honda Cruiser LED Clusters in the front and Custom Dynamics Dynamic Clusters in the rear along with a Knight Riderz 12 LED Light Bar. I originally thought the flasher was behind the head light since it had the proper plug to match the new flasher but Dennis at Custom Dynamics sent me to this site and I found the proper flasher to replace sitting behind the fuse box under the right side panel just below the seat which you see in the picture. It was well hidden so hopefully this will help you if you don’t find it at first. What a great product! Flashers work at the proper speed and look great and the install was such a snap without any tools required! Was done in just a few minutes to replace just the flasher.

  2. HDubosh says:

    If only using led’s on the front, will this still work the stock rear turn signals?

  3. Karl says:

    Do you have their part number for this flasher ? I am having trouble finding it on their web site .

  4. Tony says:

    Bare, I see you say this fits all 1300s through 2009, but the site the flasher is on states otherwise by omission of several models and years. I have an 06 1300R, it only lists the 05 R for compatibility. Only curious if I have to splice it in, I really would rather use it than an EQ for the rear LEDs that are in the bags I’m putting on.
    Thanks for the reply!

  5. Anthony says:

    The customdynamics site doesn’t list the 2008 VTX1300R or the 2007 Aero750, but the flasher works in both without having to do any splicing.

  6. ~B says:

    Flasher got the front led signals to work, but then the problem of ALL the turn-signals flashing at once became evident. Rears were small micro-bulbs.
    Bikes with only 1 turn-signal indicator light in the dash may also need the diode/splitter fix to stop the signal current from flowing back/thru the lightbulb path. This mod does take a bit of effort since you must locate the wire in the dash to thr bulb & splice the diode/splitter fix into the line & Ground the other side of the bulb. A little trickier than plug-n-play.
    Just an FYI for anyone having that issue/symptom.

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