Deciphering the VTX VIN#

Posted by Bare | Last Updated August 22, 2013

Original info from Biglry – taken from the VTX parts catalog

We’ll use the VIN # from my 2002 1800 C as an example:

WMI (World manufacturer identifier)
The first three digits of the VIN # are the WMI. This tells the make and type of vehicle.
Mine is 1HF

JH2 = Honda motorcycle (Manufactured In Japan)
1HF = Honda motorcycle (Manufactured in USA)
YC1 = Honda motorcycle (Manufactured in Belgium)
9C2 = Honda motorcycle (Manufactured in Brazil)
3H1 = Honda motorcycle (Manufactured in Mexico)
VTM = Honda motorcycle (Manufactured in Spain)
ZDC = Honda motorcycle (Manufactured in Italy)
JH3 = Honda all terrain vehicle (Manufactured in Japan)
478 = Honda all terrain vehicle (Manufactured in USA)

VDS (Vehicle Description code)
The next five digits are the VDS, this varies from Honda to Honda but for the VTX there are 2 options.
Mine is SC460

SC461 = VTX1800 CA
SC460 = VTX1800 49st

Check digit
The next digit is the check digit. This single digit is used to detect errors in the VIN and consists of a single digit number or letter (except I, O, Q, and U).
Mine is 4

model year
The next digit represents the model year.
Mine is 2

B = 1981
C = 1982
D = 1983
Y = 2000
1 = 2001
2 = 2002
3 = 2003
4 = 2004

Assembly plant
The next letter/number tells the plant the bike was built in.
Mine is A

A = Ohio factory in USA
B = Aalst factory in Belgium
C = Saitama factory in Japan
D = Guadalajara factory in Mexico
E = Montesa factory in Spain
F = Atessa factory in Italy
K = Kumamoto factory in Japan
M = Hamamatsu factory in Japan
R = Manaus factory in Brazil
S = Suzuka factory in Japan
T = Tochigi factory in Japan
4 = South Carolina factory in USA

VIS (Vehicle indicator section)
The last six digits are the sequential production numbers, also known as the Vehicle Indicator Section (VIS)
Mine is 006692 so I know based on my VIN# that it was the 6,692nd bike made at the Ohio plant in 2002

Any change or modification of parts is directly related to the VDS and VIS.
A VIS number will appear in the “serial #” column of the parts catalog if a part is changed or modified.

11 Responses to “Deciphering the VTX VIN#”

  1. bart says:

    VDS vehicle description code, it say for the vtx there are two options….SC461=VTX1800 CA and SC460=VTX1800 49st….So my question is why do mine say? SC462

  2. Radar says:

    Same reference as previous question… Mine says SC46B?

  3. shadango says:

    Same here — mine says sc490 (2005 1800)

    • Louis says:

      This is weird as mine is 1HF SC46U 3 5 A 300060. So, what does the “U” stand for as none of the VIN checkers will validate?

  4. 19jimbo43 says:

    and mine…….1HF SC52A 2 5 A 200050. Like Louis, all the VIN checkers say my VIN is not valid. I’d also be surprised if the Ohio plant built 200,050 VTX1300 machines during 2005!.

  5. Louis says:

    Ok, found out that the “U” in my VIN actually stands for Austrailia even though built in the U.S. Not sure what the difference is but I’m pretty sure it’s the fact that the front turn signals don’t light up as running lights. That could be the relay though as they’re all single wire. I bought a U.S. relay and will install soon.

  6. KH says:

    For those looking for what SC490 means, it’s the frame/engine code, that is just a straight VTX 1800, no “C”, no “S”, no “R” after it, just the raw number basically.

    Codes are here:

  7. Fanek says:

    Georgia Motor Vehicle Ad Valorem (RAVT) Assessment Manual:

    I am a bit confused about the SC490 – the manual says it’s 1800 R.

  8. Kenneth Dillon says:

    How do I find the paint code for a 2006 Honda VTX 1300s

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