Headlight Vibe Dampener

Posted by Bare | Last Updated January 20, 2011

This is my evaluation of the rubber headlight dampener available for the Honda VTX from Biglry & Bone’s Custom Parts. This item is designed to fix the dreaded “headlight vibe” which has affected so many riders.

This kit will fit any VTX except the “F” model – so 1800, 1300, C, S, R, T, or N models will all work with this setup. The cost of this kit is $29.95 + shipping and it includes the liner and tape discussed below. You can email Bone for additional information about the setup or to have him send you one.

When Bone contacted me to tell me about this item, I have to admit I was a little skeptical. While this is a problem that has plagued VTX headlights since the first ’02 model rolled off the line, I guess I had just learned to live with it by putting tape in odd places, foam packing inside the headlight, or whatever other solution seemed to fix the problem until the next time it rattled loose. There are 2 causes of this problem and most people have experienced at least one of them:

  • The wire bundle and connectors inside the headlight vibrate against the bucket which resonates like a drum and amplifies the noise
  • The plastic outer trim ring vibrates against the bucket which resonates like a drum and amplifies the noise

So there are 2 causes of the same problem with no “standard” solution, other than tape, cardboard, foam, etc placed and tested until the problem seems to go away. What Bone has created is one solution that quickly and easily fixes the problem permanently. His setup is comprised of a thick rubber insert that matches the inside contour of the headlight shell and a 12″ piece of “special” tape which goes between the headlight bucket and the trim ring. The insert dampens vibration and noise from the wire bundle and the tape dampens any noises coming from the trim ring. I’m not sure what kind of tape this is, but I know I’ve never seen anything like it before, heh…

Installation is quick and easy – remove the headlight trim ring (2 screws).

Unplug the headlight and trim ring and set it aside. Route the headlight wiring through the hole in the rubber insert and slide it back into place in the headlight bucket. Use a drop of alcohol to clean off the top edge of the headlight bucket and apply the 12″ strip of “special” tape. Re-situate all the wiring so you can reinstall the headlight and trim ring, and replace the 2 screws that hold the trim ring in place.
Quick, simple, permanent fix.

I usually list “pros” and “cons” when I do evaluations, but this is a simple, straight-forward item which doesn’t have much to discuss other than “it works.”

When I first saw the pics of this liner I thought it looked like cheap foam rubber and I questioned the longevity it could provide in hard service on the bike. I agreed to check it out because I know that Larry and Bone have always made high quality products – by bikers, for bikers. I’m glad I did because after I actually held the liner in my hand, I realized that this is not foam at all but a thick, hard rubber material (very comparable to truck bed-liner). It’s definitely something that would survive hard use and I imagine it could probably outlast the bike.

As I mentioned above, if you’re interested in getting one of these you can email Bone with questions, or to get one.

3 Responses to “Headlight Vibe Dampener”

  1. vtzwhit says:

    what about one for a F model ?

  2. Jerryprague says:

    Not sure if these are still available, if so don’t want to ruin your thunder, if not, I used thin foam weatherstripping all around the headlight bucket, quiet as anything now.

  3. Lovenpain says:

    This is a suggestion but why not line the headlight with PLASTIDIP. It’s popularity has been the biggest thing in the automotive scene for the past few years. But I was planning to line mine with it. Theretically it should works as the same, and you can control how thick you want it to.. just an updated thought.. lol

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